Monday, December 23, 2013

Hirscher uses techniques usually seen by Ligety, He out Ligetyed Mr GS.

A few differences that look minor to many, but added up over a whole race it's 4 tenths of a second.
First thing, in this course, Hirscher's line was tighter, closer to the gates. His arcs were round,
but shorter, shorter than both Ligety and Pinterault.

(above Photo) Hirscher Carving above the gate, what Ted is known for in his best GS races.

Hirscher has this amazing ability and part of technique which neither Pinterault or Ligety use to the same extent, and that is his upper body control and discipline. Hirscher holds his countered relationship to the skis longer after the gate, he actually increases it. This reduces his movements  needed in transition, therefore he can relax and have more time to set up the new arc.


Here you see Pinterault dropping that inside arm behind his hips, his upper body is therefore square to the skis, and he is still pushing off his lower ski, and the upper ski is already flat. In contrast, Hirscher rarely steps over to a new flat outside ski. Hirscher rides the "Little Toe Edge", while it's still at a high edge angle out of the arc. He stays "Counteracted" with his torso to the skis. This rotation doesn't happen in every turn for Pinterault, but it is an often enough occurrence in key turns to have an effect, for the edge engagement for the next turn.

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