Friday, June 29, 2012

What is the PMTS, "Direct Parallel Movement System?

PMTS, Direct Parallel, "The Essential Movement Based System".
Skiing involves the whole body, sometimes the whole body moves, and others times only isolated, regional, refined small joints move. Combining and co-ordinating these movements is what makes skiing fluid. We call it the “Essentials of Skiing”, using the PMTS  "Direct Parallel" system.
 The PMTS movement approach is unique in the world of skiing? 
PMTS teaches the same movements to a beginner, that are “coached” to top racers. The same movements used by the best racers in the world are PMTS movements. PMTS is not just a movement based “system”, it is the Movements of  skiing. 
PMTS movements are show-cased by the “Essentials of Skiing,  PMTS brings to the table a straight forward simple agenda of 5 “Essentials”. 
The 5 PMTS Essentials are, 1-Tipping, 2-Flexing and lengthening, 3-Counter-acting, 4-Counter-balancing, and 5-Fore-aft balance.
PMTS is straight forward, because it doesn't discard, reverse or eliminate any “Essentials” along the path to becoming an expert. 
With other systems you waste time learning maneuvers, that change, like wedges, wedge turns and wedge Christies, which you discard, to learn a different set of movements for parallel. With PMTS Direct Parallel, you learn the Essentials that you will always own as part of what you do as an expert. The PMTS system offers the same movements of skiing to all levels. 
As the skier's skill with each “Essential” increases, they improve the movements at each level. The formula has been perfected, skiers come away from each PMTS lesson, knowing what to do, even if they are not yet expert at the movements. Confusion is eliminated, confidence is gained. Knowing what to do, “exactly”, makes skiers successful, very quickly.

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Harrison Harb Wins White Mountain Classic bike race.

Looking strong in the break, Harrison comes in 10 seconds in front of 2nd place.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Climbing in our backyard.

This is literally 5 minutes up the road from our house. 
                                        Diana making the last moves to the top.
 We meet up with Richard Wright, a local icon of Colorado Front Range climbing. He is a prolific route developer and great climber.
                                    Diana and Richard top of Mill Creek Crag.

Friday, June 1, 2012

From the Book: "Essentials of skiing".

Marcel Hirscher, Overall World Cup Champion and GS Globe winner.
Hirscher demonstrates his means for holding the previous line, to set up his timing for the new gate. As soon as he senses he can accomplish his next arc, he flexes his outside leg and the arc begins. Here he holds a strong "Counter Balanced", hip and upper body. One of the Essentials of skiing.

Pole use: notice how there is no pole swing only a tap, from a CA upper body. This is what we have been teaching at Harb Camps for years.