Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Harb Ski Systems Summer Race Camps, Mt Hood.

                     Another great skiing experience coming in August

                                   Harb Ski Systems

This isn't just another Ski Race Camp, it's not just silly drills to keep kids busy. This is an education about skiing and skiing the way the best skiers ski. It's focus is on learning movements, not words and silly maneuvers. This is a ski education that will last and that you can use when you need it to ski fast, but in control. This camp has no fancy World Cup  names or celebrities, just honest to goodness ski education and improvement.

Here is the information  about our junior race camp at Mt. Hood, in August. Please contact us with any questions you have after reading this.

Our camp is private, and not offered to the public. It is offered by special request and for invited athletes. We are not one of the mass-production camps that stays at Mt Hood for the whole summer. We are interested in working with highly-motivated athletes who want the best coaching and educational experience. Our involvement with attending athletes is usually long-term: once they experience PMTS race training, they want to continue with that program and level of coaching. We provide a technical skiing base and technical understanding of skiing that the athletes will carry with them as they evolve as skiers and racers. This is not just a week's ski camp experience; it's an education for their lives in skiing.

Parental/coach involvement:
We ask that a parent, guardian, or a current coach be involved in the camp, including:
  • providing lodging & meals
  • supervision during the non-ski hours
  • transportation to and from Timberline Lodge each day

You can stay at Timberline Lodge, which has dining options. This simplifies access to the lodge and slopes each day – no driving needed!

The town of Government Camp offers many different options for lodging, from renting private homes, to condominiums (Collins Lake), to hotels & restaurants, to hotels with meal plans (Huckleberry's)...

You can find private homes & rentals on

A google search for “government camp or lodging” shows many results...

Here is the web page for Huckleberry's, if you prefer not to cook...

August 4-10, 2014
The camp offers 6 days on snow. The starting plan is 3 days on / rest day / 3 days on. We will adjust this schedule if needed for weather.

Please contact us.

Coaching groups:
We plan to have 4-5 racers per coach (maximum 6). Coaches are Harald Harb & Diana Rogers. We will have one or two assistants to help with set up.

Skis & equipment to bring:
Athletes should bring slalom and giant slalom skis (ok to bring GS only). We will be running GS gates. We will not be running SL gates, so you do not need full armor.

Ski & training plan:
The first three days of camp are technical free skiing. Day 1 is on SL skis; days 2 & 3 on GS skis. Days 4-6 are GS gate training. We may modify the schedule if weather or conditions dictate.

Daily plan:
The coaching is from lift opening (scheduled 7 AM) to approximately 12 PM, with a snack/rest break on-hill. Video and technical review will be held each afternoon, for approximately 2 hours total, at a location to be determined. No other physical activities or dryland are scheduled. The athletes should be working on physical preparation before and after the camp week, but we want full energy from them on-snow during camp. There are plenty of fun, light activities in Government Camp after the video/tech sessions.

Attending athletes:
So far we have 5 athletes confirmed from West Virginia. We tentatively have 3-4 coming from Alaska and the Midwest.

Deposit and payment:
Since enrollment in this camp is very limited, please send us a deposit as soon as you enroll. We accept payment by check/money order; Paypal; and Visa, Mastercard, or Amex credit cards.

Gate training


Harald and Diana

Friday, May 2, 2014

Spring days mean mountain roads and lots of twists.

First day with the 911 on an extended mountain trip.