Sunday, December 22, 2013

Hirscher above the rest at Alta Badia, Why?

After I posted comments on Facebook about the World Cup Giant Slalom at Alta Badia,  it becomes really obvious after reading the responses,  that many viewers have difficulty looking at and seeing what  world cup skiers are really doing. So in an attempt to educate viewers I'm posting World Cup Skiing analysis here.
 Here Hirscher is in the very difficult part of the course where many others made mistakes. He also had a great save here, but he started the turn perfectly.

Look at the key reference points in his skiing that makes him the best skier in the world.
1. Upper body counter acting
2. Inside shoulder forward
3. Inside foot and ski tipped, to the same angle as the outside foot and ski.
4. Upper body is Counter balanced and turned away from the gate.
5. Inside foot it pulled back under his hips and outside knee is touching the inside boot.

Only a few skiers manage this kind of skiing, this is the exception, not the norm. The below photo from  Alta Badia shows the same characteristics.

When analyzing skiing you have to look at what the best skiers are doing differently than the rest and how they are evolving skiing beyond the normal; if you want to stay ahead of the game. Most coaches don't see the next level and don't look deep enough into the biomechanics.

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