Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The 2010 Super Blue Camp at Arapahoe Basin

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Comments about Harb Camps:
I was out at A-Basin with a friend on Thursday and Friday and was watching a lot of the Super Blue skiers in the clinic. Aside from spotting the HSS logo on the coaches, it was easy enough to pick out the clinic skiers from the high C in the turns (and of course the piles of head skis on the racks.) The other thing I found impressive about the camp is how little standing around there was. It seemed like the people in the clinic all got their fair share of time making turns.

Well every cloud has a siver lining. In my quest to improve I discovered Harald,s book, Essentials of Skiing. My discovery of PMTS 3 years ago has tranformed my skiing. After 30 years of skiing and with the last decade showing no progress I now feel that at the grand old age of 65 I have plenty of scope to improve. Thank you Harald and all of the contributors to this site who have helped me understand the subject of skiing much better.

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Monday, January 10, 2011

Coaches; in this case great people, are what make a highly successful program

At the beginning of every Harb Ski Systems Camp, the coaches break the campers into different groups. With 40 people in this case, it took about 15 minutes. This is extraordinary given all the different styles and abilities. Thanks to a "Top Gun" staff we can get it done quickly and effectively.

Every morning during camp we present skiing topics that are taught on the snow. The highly motivated and experienced team of Harb Ski Systems coaches, listens intently, and is at the ready.

On our staff we have three doctors, one in the field of Biomechanics, one Physiotherapist, and one Veterinarian. Two other coaches are Masters of Science and Education, all highly successful in their own fields. Other credentials for our staff include, full accreditations and certifications in PMTS and other ski systems. Two of our coaches are Master Coaches in the USSA system and trainers in other Nationally recognized systems.

The amazing response, growth and success of "Harb Ski Systems Camps", is due to the coaching staff. Our coaches have a complete genuine interest in making every skier better. This is a relentless quest that is never abated. From morning to night the "Harb Ski Systems", team is always looking for the best way to scheme success, for our campers.

Just a few examples; Every skier in the camp is measured and observed for any possible gains in alignment and boot modifications. We have demo skis available that are not only easy to ski, but have adjustments for experimentation, like heel lifts and toe lifts built into the bindings. This set up is to determine if fore/aft balance can be improved.

And of course the ultra successful "Primary Movements Teaching System", is at the root of this whole program. our coaches are hand picked and trained, in every aspect of ski related performance, from equipment to movements. They also go though a complete training program that equals a Pedorthist course, for evaluating footbeds and alignment of the legs in ski boots.