Sunday, December 8, 2013

Bode Miller using classic PMTS style counter balance.

Bode no longer so wild, more Classic!!!

Bode is on fire, with his upper body and inside arm up, forward and high, this is classic PMTS technique we teach.

He is also is flexing and tipping the inside ski and leg to get angles and keep the ski light. This action of the inside leg moves all his weight (Cg) and balance to the outside ski .

Skiing at this level, is no longer about pushing and driving the outside knee and ski; it's about moving the pressure to the outside ski by creating the angles with the inside leg and inside of the body. Totally opposite of what is being coached.


Unknown said...

Aha, now I begin to understand what you mean with the inside leg. Both legs are allowed to tilt more which get more angles on the skis and better carving. Right?
Regards Stefan

Unknown said...

I bet you didn't predict Bode with this kind of form!