Saturday, September 27, 2008

Anyone for Climbing?

Home Training Wall

The Real Deal

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Alaska not stupid!

Having lived in Alaska for seven years, I knew not all Alaskans were stupid.

Thursday, September 11, 2008


Nikki's the intense one.

The Kitties are growing fast


The Lion cat
Nikki, is such a beautiful, relaxed, comfortable, cat.
The new kitties arrived in July

Flash climbing the cat tree.

They never stop offering a wonderful athletic brand of entertainment.

Harrison gets a Colorado climbing fix in August

He's hooked, but back at school at the University of New Hampshire now.

Where do I use that Dropped Knee Egyption?

Geting back in Shape

Working a hard 5.11 after a six week lay-off. Not much to hold on to here.

New ride

The motor is not yet tuned to the max, but the ride already tells me it will be great when the horse power is back.

Good luck to Erik

Here is Erik Schlopy with us at the Harb Skier alignment Center. We are working on his boot set up. He is a Bronz medalist at the world championships and new father this summer and back for another World cup season.

July rehab

Topping out on one of the City of Rocks climbs.
Great climbing and camping at City of Rocks, Idaho.

July was a slow month, with rehab for my knee. Lots of range of motion stretching and little actually training. Not a fun combination.

I did get in as much climbing and biking before my surgery as possible. Here are photos from City of Rocks which is in Idaho, three hours west of Slat Lake city.