Monday, December 30, 2013

Comparison between Shiffrin and Schild in the same turn.

Schild is already arcing, hips and body lined up with edge.
                                    Shiffrin's weight is on her inside ski, wide stance.

                                             Same Turn above the gate, in transition.
             Schild narrow stance, already released old turn and ski, standing on uphill, little toe edge ski. She is still holding her CA from the previous arc. She has already transferred her balance to the new ski, for the next turn.

Siffrin in the same turn, almost exactly the same place, wide feet,  pushed her new outside ski away to exit the turn. Caught in wide stance with balance between skis.


rob worrell said...

Good observations....spending 5 weeks last year with a SSCV/Stams academy exchange, I see the same with the Austrians. We watch Herbst training in Kuhtai, and his stance was really tight...

Harald Harb said...

The Austrians are very classic in style and they way the hold their body and feet. The Swedes not so much. The better Swedes don't nearly lean and rotate that much, you'd think the coaches would notice that.