Friday, May 23, 2008

Just one of the millions of great places to live in Austria

If you like cows and mountains this place is up for lease. You can milk cows all day long to your heart's content. Sorry, I won't be able to help you, I'll be up on those mountains behind the house.

Rope! Who needs rope?

Diana Bouldering in Hintertux

Climbing the Gollner Dachl

This climbing area is near Saalfleden in the Salzburg province, Near Weissbach.

Austrian Cows are Irresistible

Can't resist pestering the wildlife

We enjoy a challenging climbing day at Ewige Jagdgrund

My friend Herman Gollner's private climbing area in Austria

Herman is a top rock climber and put up many routes in Austria. This area in particular is very over-hanging and has tough routes. "Dackl" means roof in German.

First Day of Camp getting ready for group dividing.

Perfect Weather for Hintertux Camp

The New Zealand group Campers. Who travelled the farthest to ski with us in Austria or is it the Aussies? Close.

Austria before Camp

You Can't just go to Austria and Ski, you can sightsee, hike, climb, ride your bike. Looking around every corner provides another view of extreme beauty.

Jay on the left, we are taking in the view after a climbing day.