Friday, November 18, 2022

Skiing at the highest level: How to Transition with Fore/aft Balance preparation.

       The PMTS Transition as applied by World Cup racers.

All skiers at any level can learn to use the World Cup PMTS Transition. We teach this at our Harb Ski Camps to all levels of skiers. Does everyone get it into their skiing immediately? Sometimes yes, however, even if you don't get it right away, learning this sets you up for success and ongoing improvement to your skiing.

The sequence below shows the results of correct movements are used by David Ryding who's slaom technique closely resembles Marcel Hirscher's skiing. Observe the changes made in how the old stance ski or outside ski is lifted. Fig. 1 Bend the leg and pull the ski off the snow. Fig.2 Free the whole ski from the snow and transfer balance to the other ski while it is still tipped to it's little toe edge side. Fig. 3 the arrow tells the story, pull the lifted foot back while tipping it to the new edge. The LTE. (Little toe Edge) You can use and identify for yourself if you are properly executing this series of movements by the lifted ski's position. At the release the tip is up higher, by the transfer the ski is level to the snow, when you pull the ski back the tail is off the snow and the tip should be touching the snow. 

Fig. 1 The Release
Fig. 2 The Transfer
Fig. 3 The foot and ski pull-back

 A skilled coach will approach this teaching one small step at a time, skiing slowly. The idea at first isn't to produce a perfect turn. In fact, it preferable to not be concerned about the quality of the turn, it is more important to focus on the movements that create this transition.

The Release
Bend the outside leg and lift the ski off the snow.

Transfer balance to the uphill little toe edge side of the ski.

Pull the lifted foot and ski back under the hip until the back of the ski is lifted more than the tip.

Once you have a good sense of the lifting and pull-back movements then you can add the timing for the double pole tap.
Notice the hand position. He is about to tap the snow with both poles at the same time. This triggers the foot pull-back

Double pole tap timing.