Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Direct comparison, Hirscher to Ligety

Because Ligety and Hirscher have different body types, there will be slight differences in the way they need to release, engage and transition between turns. These are the three areas of ski turns to focus on when comparing skiers. What movements do they use to release, to transition and to engage the skis? Their  upper body to the lower body alignment relationships in these critical parts of  turns however, should stay similar.
It goes without saying that you have to know if this is an anomaly or are these movements more than 40% repeated in a race run. These two comparisons here are consistent with most turns for each skier.
 This is just prior to release or the finish of the arc, note the differences in upper body. Ted is squared up, Hirscher is still counter acted. Ted lost his outside ski.
This is the same turn, same spot, Hirscher knocked his gate down, the camera zoom are slightly different, otherwise it's the same spot on the course.

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