Thursday, November 1, 2012

Robby Kelly, Solid Technique will pay off.

With this kind of form, this young member of the great Cochran ski family has a bright future.
Here is another off-spring, Robby Kelly, from the famous US ski family, The Cochrans. Robby's first world cup start was at Solden. Robby is a super athlete, could have been drafted in both football and basketball. Shows amazing technique here in this GS Turn.

Can you pick out how many "Essentials of Skiing" he has in place?

 This is one of Lindy's sons. Tim was also on the US Ski Team, his older brother.

I knew the girls well in the 80ies, Lindy was still racing, skied on Yamaha skis. I tested skis for a week every year for 5 years with Marilyn (Cochran) Brown, World Champion in GS, and Chris, her husband,  at A-Basin in May. Barbara Ann was gold medalist in Sapporo was also with us. Even Todd Brooker showed up one year, to test, demonstrating his talents, I think he was 18 then.

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