Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Counter-acting most misunderstood skiing movement.

Marcel Hirscher using counteracting movements to hold tail of ski on edge. 

If anyone thinks counter-acting is not an important part of skier develop, they are not seeing what the best skiers in the world are doing. Contrary to what the USSA and US Coaches Association would like to teach, Counter acting is not a "position" (USSA uses "the athletic position") it's a movement that never stops, just as tipping is a movement in a ski turn or arc that never stops.

Teaching counter acting to the sub-jr 4 groups is easy and effective, if you know what and how to teach movement. Just as tipping or creating edge angles doesn't just begin, then stop, it's continuous, counter acting is the same and the amount is appropriate to the needs of the arc. Without it, you get upper body rotation, less energy and less rebound.

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