Monday, November 19, 2012

The World Cup stance, the narrower the better!

Since I speak German, I have the advantage of watching the EuroSport feed for World Cup slalom races. The commentary about the skiers is so much higher quality than Universal Sports with Lewis and Purino. They use former world cup Slalom Globe winners, not downhillers. The talk is consistently about the narrowing of the stance of World Cup skiers in slalom. I have not heard much about the Phantom Move, which besides the narrow stance, is very prevalent. Here is an example from two clips of Deville making the Phantom Move to begin his new turn.

This is from the Levi Slalom last weekend.
This is the Classic Phantom Move; I write about it in my first book, "Anyone can be an Expert Skier". Deville, is not the only skier in the top 15 of the world using this move, almost everyone in top 15 uses it.

I wrote my first book 16 years ago, if you had followed it then, you'd be 16 years ahead of ski instruction today. And maybe more because ski instruction still doesn't use, teach or understand the Phantom Move.

Very simple to understand and you can see it on my You Tube Videos, if you want it in action.
Lift or lighten the old outside ski, tilt the ski to it's outside or little toe edge. As you tilt pull the foot back and bring your ski boot closer to the new outside, pressured ski.
If you want to ski your best, use the movements of the best skiers.
This is it.

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