Friday, October 26, 2012

Comments from World Cup Skiers

SÖLDEN is the beginning of a long tough season. GS will be a different event this year. Most of the skiers in the race have grown up on shaped GS skis. Now the new rules with more loose, larger dimensions have taken the technology backward, toward the nineteen eighties, 1980. Men's GS skis are now 35m length, 195cm. The reactions have been predicable coming from older coaches, who raced and coached with the straighter technology 30 years ago.

 Here are the valid comments from racers about the new skis.

1. Set up turn higher at the top of the arc.

2. More weight or all weight on outside ski.

3. Wider line needed coming into the gate.

4. Upper body more counter balanced.

5. Less inclination, more ski angle required.

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