Friday, November 23, 2012

PMTS Movements are the same as World Cup Skiers movements.

When you learn PMTS, you will be using the same movements as the best skiers in the world and therefore; you will raise your skiing level and performance accordingly. I often demonstrate the movements using photos and videos of the world's best, don't be intimidated, many intermediate and advanced skiers have learned how to ski with the this fabulous technique. At our camps we teach  exactly these movements. When we teach them in PMTS; we introduce movements in small bits and at the levels you can perform successfully. The tempo is slower, the dynamics are lower and the angles are smaller, however the basic movements is the same. Here is an example of a World Cup skier using the PMTS, Phantom Move release.

 This is Reinfred Herbst of the Austrian Team, he was the best slalom skier in the world in 2009. Beset by injury and equipment problems in the last few years; he has made a comeback this year and placed 6th in the first slalom of the new season.

You can see that in the top photo he lifts his old stance ski, at the tip. Next (below) he pulls the ski back and tips it toward the new turn and to the little toe edge. This helps his hips to cross his skis, and it prepares his edges for the new angles.
This is only one step or exercise you will learn with  PMTS. With the combination of movements like this, in a very short time, your skiing begins to connect turns with less energy and more control.

Notice the angle of the lifted foot's,  shin bone,  is more angles forward in the lower photo. Also the foot is further under the knee. This is a result of holding the foot back and keeping the ankle flexed and engaged.

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