Wednesday, January 23, 2013

World Cup Overall Leader.

If your inside hand isn't moving forward in the arc, you are rotating. 

The amount of short, quick direction change around the gate, in slalom, would cause the upper body to rotate, if the skier didn't counter act the upper body. So if you are rotating, and not  controling that rotation; the upper body ends up facing the ski tips, which steals your energy for a good release.

Hirscher keeps pushing his inside hand forward to keep his upper body Counter Acted for the release.

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Unknown said...

Hi Harald, I love the technical analysis. I teach lessons every Sunday in Canada and try my best to give kids good direction. In line with your comments above, I tell my students (6-10 years old) to pretend they are Ironman (he has a big light in the center of his chest) and as they traverse the hill, they need to keep the light shining down the hill...always trying to find ways to get good separation between upper and lower body :-) Keep you the great work and bring your program to Canada soon :-)