Sunday, January 20, 2013

Neureuther modifies or refines his technique and wins.

Felix Neureuther (GER) scored his second win of the season, after winning the City Event, by .23 seconds; he ranks second in Slalom.
Felix used to reach down to the snow to get his body over to higher angles. That wasn't working for him too well, as he was very inconsistent and DNF'd frequently. This approach causes leaning and losing your outside ski. The Swedes still do it.

Now he has modified his approach and I'm sure it has something to do with everyone studying and learning from Hirscher's technique. It's amazing how fast Felix has adapted. He now gets his angles in the same way Hirscher does, he tips his inside ski earlier and further, then he puts his hand down just in case he goes too far. This is a change in priority and a good one. Start with tipping the feet and letting your hips drop by removing pressure from the inside ski. This is done by, very quick retraction and flexing of the inside leg. 
Felix also now holds his inside ski tipped to a greater angle than anyone, except Hirscher. I wonder where he learned that?
Congratulations Felix, well done. Now you are a contender in slalom. 

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