Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Ted while you were stemming and rotating Hirscher was doing this.

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Very simple comparison of what works and what does not.

                                                 (Ouch, leading the world cup and winning races?)

 Ted's upper body rotated, in the wrong direction, and uphill ski stemmed! Leading with the wrong hand.
Ted's chest is facing the same direction he stemmed his uphill tip toward. Completely opposite what the best skiers are doing.

                  Hirscher inside ski tipped and close to the outside ski, leading with the inside (correct) hand. notice how his chest is facing the outside of the arc.

If you were once a top 5 slalom skier and others have passed you and you are now not in the top 10 slalom skiers, that tells me there is something wrong with the coaching, not the skier. Especially with a skier that works as hard as Ted.

                             Ted's, inside ski flat to the snow, wide stance, legs with wrong foot tipping.

Hirscher's inside ski close to outside ski and tipped on edge, legs have same angles, skis have same angle. 

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