Sunday, January 13, 2013

David Chodounsky passes Ted Ligety as US's best slalom skier.

Mario Matt can still bring it. At Adelboden,  Hirscher's  fantastic second run puts him in 1st, Mario Matt 2nd. Matt modernized his skiing over the last ten years and is still a contender for a medal at the World Championships. He has narrowed his stance, brought his hips forward over his boots and focused on flexing his inside leg, not both legs in the arc. The rest is all there as well, inside hand and half of the body strong.

What is unfortunate is that USSA coaching won't get you to this technique. David shows strong inside half, inside arm and pole lead, all weight on the outside ski. This is the way it's done.
Notice what is always omitted or overlooked, and what is so critical for a strong inside half. The ski pole is held with fist forward and the pole at 90 degrees to the skis.

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