Saturday, July 2, 2011

How to fix a Neuroma pad in a cycle shoe.

Here you see a bulge on the foot bed shoe insert (under black tape) . This is a foam pad about 1/4 inch thick, at it's highest point. It is rounded off and tapered to each side. It is attached with tape until the idea location is determined. After that it can be glued or permanently fixed.

The idea is to spread the pressure that comes from pushing on the ball of the foot evenly across the front of the foot. This gives you more ability to apply pressure for longer periods of time. 

One reason that forefoot discomfort occurs is from too narrow a shoe or pressure from the sides of he shoe. This can happen in cycling or ski boots. 

I've been using this neuroma pad for two seasons, it makes a huge difference in comfort and peddling ability. 

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