Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Week 15: Everything is going in the right direction.

Lots of weight training in the gym, has improved my overall leg strength, I know now that I injured more than just my Achilles tendon in the ski accident in April. The back of my knee has been really sore for months. This indicates I stretched or tore calf tendons and ligaments, from this accident. Fortunately, my overall leg strength is building and I can really feel it when cycling. Big gains this week. I can stand on my right (injured side) bike peddle and push down to increase power.

When I started rehabbing my Achilles tendon, and my body, in May, it quickly became evident to me, that the whole right side of the body had atrophied. This can happen in a short period of even 5 or six weeks. I was in great shape and 6 weeks later I was a slug through lack of normal activity. I could not imagine skiing in this condition, even without an injury. I'm sure that most recreational skiers realize, how fitness or lack of fitness, impacts their ability to ski, be safe on snow and improve their skiing.

More on this topic and what you can do to create the best ski season yet,  on this blog, coming up, so check in often.


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