Friday, July 8, 2011

Ski season in the distance, but I'm still planning strong bike and climbing season.

Week 13:  rehab of ruptured Achilles tendon:

I was not so good climbing a 5-10b vertical face, which I've done easily many times before. In face climbing, you have to stand on your toes, on small edges. This is really tough of the the calf and achilles tendon.

I did however, successfully climb a 5-11b ( which is a harder rated climb) overhanging climb, but that's a totally different style, which requires much less pressure on the feet to hold you on the rock. It's going to take another two weeks before I have really face climb. But the biking is good. I can finally stand on the steep hills and that is what it is going to take to get the muscles and tendon really strong again.

So my routine today was, this morning,  1 hour weight room upper body and shoulders, afternoon, two hours biking, 2000ft climbing on that ride, and then in the evening, weight room to do a leg routine. The tendon rehab and calf muscles are one thing, but I also have to get that leg in shape, it's lost a lot of muscle mass doing nothing for more than 10 weeks.

In the weight room for the calf muscles,  I do lots of leg presses, toe stands, assisted and unassisted, and some trampoline bouncing.

Ultimately, the goal is to be in top form for the ski season, but I'm hoping to get in some big rides and tough climbs before the ski season starts.
The finish line is in sight.

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