Thursday, June 30, 2011

Neuroma in cycling, foot pain!

A neuroma (metatarsal neuroma) Often associated with post leg or ankle surgery, due to inactivity, because foot, especially forefoot loading is rare after time off due to injury. Very painful neuroma (metatarsal neuroma) can be cured with metatarsal pad properly placed behind the transverse arch, (behind ball of the foot). A well constructed footbed is also a necessity. I have experienced this after knee and foot surgery, but after a few months of use; I find the pain subsides. However, I continue to use the neuroma pad in my bike shoes as the load is so concentrated toward the front of the foot. The pad spreads it across the ball of the foot, this really helps with comfort.

Also for serious bike riders a neuroma pad can help to produce more equalized pressure across the ball of the foot giving you better power into the peddle. The comfort improvement alone is worth the effort of getting this done.

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