Wednesday, June 29, 2011

12 weeks after surgery, right tendon.

Because activity of both legs has been limited it's hard to tell which is the reconstructed Achilles tendon, they are both small..

Double two raises and toe stands are an important first step after 10 weeks. Use assisted hand support  before beginning this series of exercises.

The right heel has a clear thickened Achilles tendon from the surgery, but it's getting strong.
The calf muscle is returning, but less than half it's normal size after 12 weeks. in two weeks this improve quickly.
This Bosu ball exercises are great for overall proprioception and lower body and one footed balance training. Also it strengthens all the small muscles you need around your ankle. Use assistance with crutches at first.

At this point one legged squats on the ball and cycling are my main exercises, and leg press for upper leg and hip strength are also important to develop. So any leg press machine with controlled resistance is a good supplement.

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