Tuesday, December 4, 2012

What Ted is doing better than before.

      If you want some background and perspective go down and read the previous post.
 Here are examples of what Ted is doing that fit right into what we teach in PMTS Direct Parallel.

Counter-acting: His inside hand and shoulder are leading the arc. His torso is counter acting.

Counter balancing: His upper body is laterally balanced reducing inclination.

Flexing and extension: Inside leg totally flexed and bent. Outside leg long and solidly aligned.

Fore/aft: His hips are forward of his boots earlier and higher in the arc, without using an extension or up move of the hips.

Many can see that the outside leg is long, but that's not the issue, the issue is how does one get into this movement pattern. It's not a position! The only way to learn to ski this way is to know what movements are being used to create this kind of skiing. Few know the movements. We teach these movements in our PMTS system.

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