Sunday, December 16, 2012

Skiing the Little Toe Edge.

In the PMTS teaching system it is important that skiers are introduced to tipping and flexing the inside leg. We teach this to intermediate skiers because it works. Tipping the inside leg also raises your level of skiing because you become more efficient at transitions and letting go of the outside ski. 

Here Ted is slightly airborne, and the first ski edge he'll use to balance on when he lands, will be his inside ski, little toe edge. When he lands, his inside ski will create the Super Phantom Move, (riding the LTE) helping to start his transition.

Notice Ted's Arm position, recreational skiers take note, this is rarely seen by skiers on the slopes. It seems to take instruction to get people to hold their arms out to the side. It makes a huge difference in your balance. Racers take note, it's not about keeping or getting your arms forward, that advice just blocks your upper body from contributing to lateral balance. Get your arms wide and to the side, with the inside arm higher and more forward, when you can.

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john said...

I've been working on this tip and it has improved my skiing so much. Thanks! Also, do you still advocate pulling the inside ski back as you tilt?