Saturday, December 29, 2012

Compare Women World Cup GS, Anna Fenninger takes the win

I was asked to remove the comparison photos by the photographer Mitch Gunn, so I did. Sorry! 

One  of these women World Cup GS skiers is compromised.
-Outside knee touching inside ski boot. Except in 1 photo.

Julie Mancuso's boot set up is off. Can you pick out Julie based on this? This explains her intermittent results and her inconsistency. Here is why she is having trouble. The boot set up is too strong, she is what we call, "over powered" or "over canted". If you use the knee as a reference. (this is only to demonstrate alignment to the non trained eye, there is much more to this assessment) Her out side knee is the only one of the group that points to the outside of the arc or turn. All the others have the knee pointed inward or down toward the inside boot. Julie, also has the least  boot angle to the snow, of the group.

This is a simple fix, but neither the coaches nor the boot techs notice it.

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Anonymous said...

Good stuff, Harald. Your earlier comments about the inside ski-inside edge function and the movement of consciously drawing the inside thigh up to a point where it is parallel to the snow have made my GS skiing more precise and powerful.