Monday, October 22, 2012

"High Performance Skiing": Best Skiing I've seen from Ted Ligety

High Performance Skiing! Ted Ligety Training for Soelden. This is the best skiing I've seen from Ted since Beaver Creek last year. No skivoting, much earlier high "C" engagement and no out of control inclination, which killed many of his runs last year. Notice the PMTS lift and bringing in of the new free foot to set up his tipping and balance. This is pure PMTS. He did not have this last year. The retraction of the old outside ski is key to this whole turn set up. It's the little things that make the big differences. Notice how his stance narrows up, with his free foot management. Free foot management, which most coaches don't see is the key. I don't know if Ted figured this out for himself or if someone has worked with him on it. This movement makes it much easier to stay Counter Balanced in the arc, and hold CB. This video clearly demonstrates CB, Tipping, inside leg flexing. Very strong demonstration of 3 important "Essentials of Skiing".

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Harald Harb said...

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