Monday, April 23, 2012

Modern Teaching Methods

Relaxing and floating over the snow through the High C part of turns is crucial to building balance. 
Modern skiing methods such as the PMTS Direct Parallel, is based on not creating pressure with your extension in transition. Creating pressure by body actions, destabilizes the center of your body at this crucial point. Extending in transition, especially to move you Center of Mass into a turn and works to move the body away from the balance point.  Unfortunately most ski instruction methods, still use this to exit a turn. THey have not analyzed closely enough what results from these actions they teach.  Most instruction includes pushing the body and extending. This is especially damaging to your skiing in transition.

PMTS is the first and only teaching method that allows you to naturally develop proper body alignment through expressly taught movements, that deal with forces that build through the arc of a turn. Using this method allows pressure to build through the natural forces of the mountain, gravity and momentum (Speed). This allows pressure to come to you,  as you establish balance through the radius of an arc.


James Sumner said...

Indeed. Maybe in that way many will easily learn how to ski. I started skiing 3 years ago and it was difficult but I was persevered to learn.

Harald Harb said...

Nice going, your preserving will pay off.