Sunday, April 22, 2012

Real Skiing, not ski school or Interski demo skiing.

Check out the right foot alignment on many of these skiers.

Some really great runs, many of the earlier skiers have obvious asymmetry from one side to the other. This means some slight canting would really help them, even at this level of skiing. Mostly on the right leg. You can see it if you slow the video and watch the knee drop inside the turn.
The last skier is on Head Super Shapes, not surprising, a perfect ski for this event. His alignment is almost perfect and he's a great skier. His outside leg gets really stretched out in the radius and then you retract beautifully from the load and pressure from the turn.

If you slow the video down or stop action it, you can see the amount of flexing to release and in transition the skiers are using. Most of the skiers use the "no swing", pole tap and CA is more obvious in the hips then the upper body. Mostly PMTS technique and technique used in World Cup Slalom, is seen here, rather than traditional skiing shown by the Demo Team skiing at the Interski events.
The skiers are running according to their placing, last being those that scored the best.

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Unknown said...

Last two skiers were incredible. Thanks for posting!