Tuesday, April 10, 2012

How to Develop Big Angles to the Snow.

In the fig.1, above the top of the arc is developed. Counter balance and tipping onto the new edges is accomplished. The inside leg is beginning to flex and tip.
Fig, 2
Fig.2, shows the commitment to the continued tipping toward the little toe edge side of the ski. The upper body stays counter balanced and the hips are countered.
Notice how the inside foot is held back from pushing forward?

Fig.3, the skis are directly in the Falline. The inside boot buckles are in the snow. The inside thigh is parallel to the snow. The outside leg still has slight bend, not locked out.
To keep the inside foot pulled back at this speed and angle, requires strong movement focus. This doesn't come naturally, it needs work.
Fig.4, The outside leg bends slightly to bring the upper body toward the outside ski side, this allows the skis to finish with a tightening arc.

The inside arm and shoulder although they look to be in the same relationship through the whole arc are actually moving forward to keep this relationship. If this is not done energetically enough, rotation of the upper body relative to the skis results.

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