Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Compare and contrast techniques, Hermann Maier

Here is one of the best ski racers ever, Hermann Maier, using a retraction, flexing release. And he lifted a ski, thought no body on the World Cup did that?

Here, Hans Knauss shows us that he had the technique of the future, back a few years. He uses a flexing release and transition without an up extension. This is what the top, present day GS skiers like to do. It won’t happen if the FIS stays with the 35m GS ski rule. GS skiing will not be as pretty as this, in the future.


Kiwi said...

Like the way he holds his CA through transition to the engagement then winds it on. - Grey

Harald Harb said...

His whole body is counter acting and set up for the next arc, very early in the arc.