Wednesday, September 7, 2011

The governing body that orders World Cup ski racing rules, blows it again.

After a terrible rule change two years ago, that increased the Giant Slalom skis from approximately 22 meters to 28 meters, the FIS now wants to increase Giant Slalom skis to a 40 meter radius. 

 FIS officals continue to demonstrate that they are out of touch with the althetes, the fans, the spectators, the manufacturers, the ski resorts, the coaches and racer safety.

They are, or say they are, concerned about injuries and safely. These issues are not proven to be on the increase or that the ski radius increase is a solution. Many experts in the sport consider the new rules will make the situation worst; setting the sport back 20 years, rather than addressing the issues that should be addressed in the first place. This is a worst band-aid case scenario this former FIS competitor, coach, former FIS referee and World Championship race organizer, has yet seen.

The Sport of World Cup skiing has seen a shrinking audience, and the growth of competing winter sports.  This is directly related to the unpopular formate and inconceivable ugliness, in part of the Giant Slalom event. It's hard to watch even for hardened racing fans.

The courses are poorly set, partly due to the rules, and the racers look like they are struggling on skis, rather than performing brilliantly.

There are many solutions being offered, yet the FIS has not opened up to the field of experts that would easier find much better logical approaches to this growing problem.

(more to come)

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