Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Demonstration of a large arc turn, with obvious up movement to create a transition.

Technical description of skiing in these frames.
We must remember everyone’s skiing to them is measured with  their understanding of the sport. If this skier were skiing PSIA taught technique he would be considered too edge dominant. In his world he is probably doing exactly what they expect of him. This leaves the skier based only on the photos we see here, vulnerable to critic or suggested alternatives. 
Let’s begin by defining the arc, it’s more of a GS size turn, so their is plenty of time between edge changes. And the skier is extending and raising his body and hips to make an edge change. This series of movements extends the time in transition.
Since the skier is tall in transition, he has no place to go but down again, or lower his hips to enter his arc. 
This puts his hips low and behind relative to his ski boots, very early in the arc. When ever you ski like this, you do use some uphill leg extension to initiate the body toward the inside of the next arc.
If we want to compare to how we teach this turn in PMTS, it’s different.  In PMTS we use the energy from the previous turn, by flexing the extended stance leg at the end of the arc. This movement combines to help the skis change edges with tipping, basically shortening the transition time.
With the PMTS method, it also reduces the disconnect from the snow, example is the 4th frame, where the skier is extended and waiting to cross his skis. We don’t have that frame in PMTS skiing.


Harald Harb said...

Even though many instructors consider this extension movement, to be the way, but compare the extra movement here, to the Hermann Maier montage. Maier is more efficient and earlier in the new arc.

Lee Jay said...

I do agree with you except that the transition movement is very important even to someone like Maier because you need the glide point in between turns in order to use this as a speed point visa v. waxing the base is so important also it is a rest position prior to the execution of the next turn. Exagerated or not you need to have this up position. The new skies merly make the opportunity for a tighter arc in the turns and yes this too can generate speed but you must have a glide point.