Friday, February 1, 2008

Sol Vista Green/Blue Camps

Welcome everyone, this is my first post on the Harald Harb Blog.
We just finished a Green Camp at Sol Vista. I’ll comment first on the great improvements that occurred at Sol Vista this summer. The lodge is new, the grooming is excellent, and the slopes are safe and perfect for teaching. This is not a big resort experience; it’s only better. Sol Vista offers perfect teaching terrain without interference from skiers and snow boarders who want to show off how fast they can whiz by skiers who are learning. The slopes are wide, easy to ski and they inspire confidence in the learning skiers. That’s why we hold camps at Sol Vista.
More to come, over and out for now.

1 comment:

Unknown said...

Fantastic, Harald....

Great to see the blog and I look forward to seeing Diana and you at Sol Vista. It's looks just right for learning.

In fact, my wife and daughter are joining me from Friday - Monday directly after the camp.. to enjoy the family atmosphere Sol Vista offers.

Finally, I look forward to your posts, videos, etc on this blog.

Art Rothafel