Friday, February 1, 2008

Super Phantom anyone?

The great thing about my job is the availability of teaching all levels of skiing. I teach beginners, intermediates moving forward, and wanting to become experts; and experts wanting to be perfect.
This week I taught intermediates. It’s amazing, every time I go out with intermediates, I get as excited as I do teaching world class racers. So what does a racing coach with World Cup skiing experience teach intermediates. “The Super Phantom” of course.
What’s the Super Phantom? It’s the upgraded “Phantom Move”, from my first book, added and presented in my second DVD “Anyone can be an Expert Skier 2”.
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Basically learn to ride your little toe edge. Do this by lifting the stance foot and traverse the slope on the little toe edge. Practice this at least ten times on each foot. If you can’t stay balanced on that foot after 10 tries, you have an alignment problem. Please refer to my first book or this web site for more information about alignment.

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After you are comfortable with standing on the little toe, use the lift and tip “ Phantom Move”, from my first book. These are movements designed to realize perfect parallel skiing. Qualifier, don’t try use these movements to turn , these are movements; not turns. In fact, try not to turn. Turning only gets you in trouble. Turning is what “Traditional Teaching Systems” teach. In this approach keep the ski going toward the other side of the slope as long as you can make it go there. You will realize quickly that by not trying to turn, but by using these movements instead; you will making the best turns you have every made.
More to come, for now, over and out.

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