Saturday, February 16, 2008

Tipping ability still reigns in importance!

The Harb Ski Systems Team just finished up our last Blue Camp of the season at Sol Vista, in Granby, Colorado. Although we have three other camps this season, this is the last blue level in the US. The rest of the schedule is: an All Mountain Camp at Big Sky, Montana, a European, May camp in Austria, and a Race Camp at Mt Hood in June. Check my web site for details:
This last camp kept reinforcing the success of the "Essentials of Skiing" concept from my last book, “Harald Harb’s, Essentials of Skiing“. Although there are five Essentials outlined in my book; it is clear that to most skiers tipping the feet is the weakest of the Essentials. Once tipping ability increases a whole new world of skiing is opened. Once tipping the feet becomes comfortable, access to slopes, skiers never dreamed of skiing becomes attainable. There is still plenty of winter left, so don’t miss the chance to improve your tipping skills. Look for more information and video on this subject in the coming days here on my blog.

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