Monday, May 16, 2022

Build a turn with inside ski tipping movements.

When asked what I focus on in a series of turns or a ski run, this is how I describe my approach. It usually surprises people.

The inside half of the body creates efficient movements and angles, not the drive for pressure on the outside leg and knee. 

Focus on the inside half of the body that creates the next turn.


                                              Starting out I split or divide my body in half. Study these photos. Since I know that the initiation of a turn involves a release of the old outside ski of the last turn; I focus on that half of the body which will be on the inside of the next arc. I always think in the future, not in the moment which always triggers my next turn. 

Here the black arrow is on the inside foot tipping movement that is the focus. 

This inside foot tipping movement should be accomplished as you also bend or shorten the inside leg. Also, the movement that keeps you forward in your skiing is the "foot pull-back" which is accomplished with the unweighted inside foot.

When you begin to realize you can simplify your thoughts and movements by focusing on only the half of the body that creates the next result; you can stay ahead of the disruptions a slope can deliver.


GorskiNunavut said...

Tireless man.True perpetum mobile!In PMTS, nothing is hidden and teachers know, how to transfer knowledge.Beside that, they keep reminding you, through social media.
How much more, does a skier need?

Harald Harb said...

Skiing is the most complex sport I know. Based on biomechanics and its equipment it is also the most intensive sport for self-inflicted injuries. The more we study, analyze and experience the more likely we find solutions for ski injury, better performance, and more enjoyment.