Thursday, September 15, 2022

Skiing with the emphasis on the inside half of the body to create movements.

Inside foot and leg Movements

PMTS Direct Parallel is the proprietary teaching system invented by Harb Ski Systems. It is built on the fundamental that the movements of the inside half of the body in a turn, build a turn and is the basis for modern ski techniques and efficient skiing movements. The post below on my Blog Spot demonstrates how the body is split and where movements that create great angles and carving originate. 

Where you can find PMTS Direct Parallel Techniques

Starting with my book "Anyone can be an Expert Skier" copyright 1998, I described the inside foot movement called the Phantom Move. In my follow-up books, Expert Skier 2 and "The Essentials of Skiing" I elaborate on and dissect how the inside half of the body is moved so all levels of skiers, on any snow can achieve success. 

Sounds simple enough, however, this is completely opposite to traditional teaching and when done in the right order with the correct movements it will completely change your skiing. So if you want to learn the modern ski technique, this is the only complete system in the world that has proven over 25 years and with thousands of skiers that it's a game changer.

PMTS Fore/Aft movements keep you ahead of the turn.

Single or double foot pull back are the keys to staying in fore/aft balance.

Every skier on the world cup has the ability to do Dolphin Turns. This is the most advanced form of "Two Footed-pullback. However, to teach this we begin with the easy first steps which are very effective.

I hear this advice from race coaches/ski instructors either in written advice, in videos, or on the training course, "Get your hips Forward". Yes, that would be nice, however, there are no "pull your hips forward muscles" in the whole body. Rarely does that advice get results that can be used turn after turn? 

If you use a different approach that activates the hip forward result you can use it simply and quickly for every turn. This movement advice was also pioneered by Harb Ski Systems. We teach this at our camps using a progression with the "Foot Pullback" approach. 

Starting this movement right at the release of the old turn sets you up for a good Fore/aft balanced turn every time. In the photo above you see Petra using this exact movement with both feet. She lands perfectly balanced and forwards on her skis. We teach this using a one-foot pullback at the beginning. With the approach you don't have to be an expert, all levels of skiers can use it and benefit from this movement series.

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