Friday, September 19, 2014

This is not your Grandfather's ski lesson.

This is PMTS Skiing, no hard edge sets, no wedge turns or wedge christie, easy on the legs and fluid movements from arc to arc. You can do this until you are 80.

Here I'm already released and in Balance, ready for the new arc, compare this to the skiers in the post below.


Pat and Bev said...

I'm hoping that i can use PMTS until age 92!

Unknown said...

I recently purchased your latest Essentials of Skiing book and DVD's. After reading it I noticed that it hardly mentioned the "phantom move" - only one reference I think. Is it still a progression movement that you recommend or has your experience been that simply following the exercises (particularly the tipping ones I guess) will make the focus on a "phantom move" redundant?

Kind regards

Harald Harb said...

Good question, Yes the "Phantom Move" is every bit as important as it was when "Anyone can be an Expert Skier ", was written. It is used everywhere by the best skiers. It has less emphasis in my "The Essentials of Skiing" book, because it was well described and used in the other two of my books. The "Essentials" book and video, expands on many principles introduced in "Anyone can be an Expert Skier".

Harald Harb said...

Pat, I'm sure you will be skiing with PMTS when you are 92.