Monday, September 1, 2014

"PMTS Racer Development Programs". Results speak for themselves and pictures even speak louder.

"PMTS Racer Development"  these kids know exactly what they need to do. We develop their understanding and movement abilities. They know how to make the right movements, where to make the movements and how to create the angles to become skiers with World Cup Movements.

These racers are coached with the same movements, but they have their own way of expressing this movements.
The angles created by these skiers are through relaxing movements, not pushing and forceful ones.

It is important to know how to transition, to get to this level of preparation for the arc.

These boys and girls ski very fast, on any son woe course, this is steep and very hard snow.

Again these racers learned PMTS skiing movements, Each has their own personal way of demonstrating good skiing movements, but their foundation is the same.
Here we see Check Point 1, already built in this racers natural instincts.
Again "Check Point 1" perfectly demonstrated, skiing the outside ski, just before transition.

Above, Zach is 10 years old. All the rest are 13 years old.

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