Sunday, March 2, 2014

Shiffrin can get even better!

Although "(Mikaela) is already a World Champion in slalom and an Olympic gold medalist, there is bad news for her competition, she can get even better.

 If you study her skiing closely you will see there is a difference between her right and left turns. This  analyses isn't from just one set of photos or one race, it's been evident all season. Compare the two turns and pay particular attention to the differences in her release, and knee, and foot proximity variance.

(Below photos)  a close up, show her ending a right turn on her left foot. The good turn, or better one of the two.  Here she keeps a relatively closer stance and tips her new inside foot simultaneously with the new outside one. Notice the Green arrows. The blue arrow shows how early she tips the inside foot on this turn relative to her left turn.

(Below photo) notice here she steps off her outside ski and during that step she sets a harder edge. (snow coming off her ski)

 The Green arrows (in the last frame) show how her knees are in a totally different relationship from the left turn. Her feet are wider than her knees and the new outside ski as a result of the push off is in a wedge relationship, and on the new outside ski edge. Often this is caused by a difference in alignment of her boots, and it can also be the reason for her delayed edge engagement in the high C part of the arc, due to an over aggressive cuff angle.
 I posted the High C delayed ski engagement explaination  in an earlier article on this Blog, about the  turn on the same side, but from a different race.

All skiers have a slight difference between right and left turns. This can be mitigated with precise alignment set ups and some focus from the athlete on the movements.


Unknown said...

Great snapshots. I am wondering if it's possible because Shiffrin is right handed. I play soccer primarily using right foot. I feel that my left turn is better than right turn.

Family Gaxiola Schleper said...

I would like to see hoe she initiates the left footer

Harald Harb said...

Hi Sarah,

Thanks for posting a question on my Blog. Initiating her left foot turn begins with the way or movement you use to release your right foot turn. In this right foot turn finish, Shiff uses a step, and also pushes her uphill ski wider. Skiers do this often, it is because they are losing some balance to the inside, especially if they feel the turn isn't finishing properly and they need to get out of it. Her other release on the left foot is stronger and she shifts her balance to the outside edge of the uphill ski, without a push.