Saturday, March 22, 2014

"Two Ways to Ski" "PMTS Direct Parallel" Skiing Demonstrations,

                                          "Two Ways to Ski"

                (Video of this skiing is available on the Blog.)

There are two ways to ski, two ways to learn to ski. If you start on the correct path from the beginning everything will be much easier and more enjoyable as you head toward advanced intermediate levels. Most skiers never experience the true joy of the sport because they are compromised by the way they were introduced to the movements of skiing.

Below in these photos is one of the "Two Ways to Learn Skiing". This of course is the end result, but the process is just as rewarding as the end result.

Take note of the sometimes less obvious performance highlights of this "PMTS Direct Parallel" way to learn skiing.

This is a steep slope rated "Black Diamond Run" every photo is from a different run and set of turns, yet there is amazing consistency of performance in every set of photos. Take particular note of the lack of extra movements, the angles of the skis and the body. This is sustainable in all conditions and all slopes no matter what snow or surface, when skiing with this method. This is not "Old Fashion Ski Instruction". This is PMTS skiing, derived directly from World Cup skiing techniques.

               The Slope is on one of the Steepest in the Mid-West, at Welch Village.
                                                            Dual Carving with Diana Rogers

                               Above is a simultaneous release, knees flexed, and in transition.
       This is on the Welch Village Upper Snow Field. Who says the Mid West doesn't have Glaciers?


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