Tuesday, January 14, 2014

For Schiffrin what a difference 3 weeks can make. A win at Flachau.

Shiffrin wins slalom at Flachau, 1st run by 9/10 of a second. 
This is a big change from 3 weeks ago for her release and transition. Notice the feet are aligned and weight is off the stance foot, transferring to the uphill, little toe edge ski.
                        We see this in Hirscher's skiing example below. He is even stronger and more consistent with the move, with a narrower stance. In this frame it is a fraction of a second before he totally unweights the stance ski and transfers to the little toe edge of the uphill ski.
 Three weeks ago the release looked like this, stepping to the big toe edge, this is her weaker alignment side. But it has been more controlled  in the last two races. There are still some signs that it's not all gone yet in some turns, but this is a major improvement, also shown by how much she won the run. This transition costs time, it's a big toe edge, to big toe edge transition. This means the ski is grinding in the upper part of the arc. Whenever you see this step out type transition, it's an indication of time and speed going away.
Here is hirscher transferring to the little toe edge of the up hill ski, for his release to transition. This is the key move in slalom skiing. This is the move that Ted Ligety can't seem to develop.
Notice the difference between this and stepping to the uphill big toe edge. 

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