Monday, January 20, 2014

Check point 11, Inside Ski Management

Inside ski and foot management needs to be trained and taught. It is rarely developed completely without guidance and coaching on it's own. Two of the Masters on the World cup of inside ski and foot management as seen here.

Above is Felix, how can you tell he has inside foot management, because he has pulled the inside foot back, the ski tip is still on the snow, but the tail is lifted. When you practice inside foot management this is exactly what occurs.

Marcel below, notice how bent his inside knee is yet his boot is back as far as the other knee, which is touching the boot. These two examples are not happen-stance and not what every World cup skier is born with. This is trained and it it is part of proper expert skiing.

Examples below of two skiers, in slalom, who used to be on or close to slalom podiums. They have failed to keep up with the changing techniques of modern slalom. Very poor inside foot management and also inside foot breakdown is obvious in this skiing, example in photos .

When inside foot  management is lost it also affects upper body balance, often counter balance and leaning are results of the lack of inside foot attention during training.

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