Friday, February 15, 2013

Leaning in slalom, no longer wins on the world Cup!

Leaning the upper body toward the gate. Not much technical progression or evolution from this skier, he's the same skier as in the bottom photo years before. This shows the coaches are not aware of the evolving technique of the better skiers.

Keeping the head upright and the torso vertical. This is counter balance and today's technique.

Even guys who used to get on the podium have mistakes in their technique.
A straight line from the armpit to the outside ankle means he's leaning. This causes the stance to become too wide, because the weight is shifting to the inside ski too early, and reduces valuable pressure on the outside ski. Therefore; the outside ski doesn't bend as much or as quickly as for those racers who don't lean.

 This makes the turns longer and the skier has less rebound at the release. It also causes more often than not, a stepping movement out of the turn, which makes for a really slow late transition. This type of technique can easily cost 1.5 second a run.

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