Saturday, February 23, 2013

All of what you want to know about a world cup slalom turn.

This photo just about tells you the whole story. 

-Tip the lower ski toward it's little toe edge before putting the upper ski on edge.
Don't move your upper body, keep it facing the same way as you were at the end of the previous turn, until you set the new outside ski on edge.

-Keep the skis pointed toward a target to the side of the slope, straight ahead. Do not turn your skis or pivot your skis. Just tip them onto new edge angles with the lower body.

-Stay bent and keep your skis light until you are in the falline.

-Notice how he has changed ski angles, with his retraction and leg tipping, yet has not changed direction. Lower level skiers and racers, will try to pivot and turn the skis here.

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