Saturday, December 17, 2011

"World Cup", ski technique, by Harald Harb

Keys to focus on, inside hand lead, inside ski tipping and flexing. PMTS shows you how you achieve these movements. Skiing is not a position! You have to know how to move into these body angles and we can teach you how.
This is Deville a young Italian. Great skiing! The Austrians better watch out the other countries are producing some amazing skiers.

Svindal, If you thought when you were attending one of our ski camps, that inside leg flexing and tipping, was just for fun, you might be mistaken!

Cuche, Even the best skiers in the world, screw up, if they don't counter balance earlier in the turn.
This is Bode at his best, counter acting, and with strong counter balance, the inside ski has huge angle and the outside knee, is right up against the boot. His inside ski is too far forward, but that's Bode; he never follows established, proven skiing performance. But never, I say never, model yourself after Bode, there is only one Bode.

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