Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Same characteristics for Ted compared to Hirscher, as you see below with Schild and Vonn .

Here you see Hirscher outside leg already straight, with strong edge angles at the skis. He has a bowlegged set up with his boots. The Bowlegged set up  is the most successful in Slalom with shaped skis. 

Knock Kneed Alignment
Here you see Ted Ligety, this is a weak position, his ski, edge angles that let the skis slip. Ted has to wait until the back of his skis hold, but with this set up, his knee has to drop in, which is weak, it makes him late and hold on to the turn too long. Hirscher is on and off the edges fast, Ted is skiing too round because he can't get the immediate pressure on his skis he needs to be quick.


murbans1 said...

Thanks for an interesting remark about the influence of the boots on Lindsey's and Ted's performance in SL. As I agree 100% in case of Lindsey I think that it could also have some impact on Ted's performace, but he was always knocked need - http://www.harbskisystems.com/hhsite/Ligety%20knockkneed.jpg. Isn't it just the way he skis?


Harald Harb said...

Ted has always been knocked kneed or aligned soft. He has also always skied back further than the Europeans, especially Kostelic and Hirscher Herbst and Grange, al top slalom skiers. At times his right leg alignment has been terribly undercanted. Now that slalom is tighter, he can't get away with sitting and leaning as much as he used to, therefore he's less consistent.